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Benefits of associating with The Consulting Academy




As a partner you will appear in a variety of distributed media by The Consulting Academy  (flyer, website, presentation, etc).In addition, you will be given the option to use an email distribution list to inform all of our members of the organisation about developments in your company /  or other offers. Increase your popularity far beyond the boundaries of your organization.



Contact to high potentials



A partnership with the consulting academy will offer organizations a direct link to the pool of the expansively skilled members of the consulting academy. As opposed to bursary and scholarship programmes that still need to nurture the potential.



Prioritized consulting service and lower rates



Being a partner of The Consulting Academy will provide your company with a prioritisation in our consulting services. In addition to having a higher priority with our services, you will profit from receiving a lower rate on consulting projects.


B-BBEE rating & investment optimisation



Since The Consulting Academy, is a 100% black-owned social organisation, a collaboration will give you an opportunity to improve your B-BBEE rating.


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Tevin Singh

Head of Corporate Relations


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