The idea of a student-run consultancy

We are a company that is run by students for students. The idea of a student run consulting firm is to challenge passionate students beyond their academic curriculum by working on real live consulting projects. You are enabled to apply your theoretical knowledge from university and gain practical work experience while studying.

The company is completely run and managed by students. This gives each and every member the chance to take responsibility for an entire company. You develop skills that go beyond your own field of studies through training and the passion shared by other students.

Clients in return get creative and innovative ideas and an unbiased approach on every project. You as a student bring in fresh air and the diversity among our student body guarantees different approaches on every problem.

In addition to the consulting projects, members contribute directly to the inner workings of The Consulting Academy by taking on the day to day tasks in one of the six departments. The departments are the engine of The Consulting Academy and a lot of work is done internally to ensure maximum value for clients, partners and members, by extension.

As a member you are expected to take self initiative and be fully committed to The Consulting Academy. You should at least have 10 hours a week to commit to the academies duties and activities. These include:

  • Prioritize The Consulting Academy
  • Attend all meetings
  • Perform department work & allocated tasks
  • Attend trainings & workshops
  • Have time to work on projects
  • Attend social & networking events


As a member you are involved in The Consulting Academy’s internal life and decisions.You also have the chance to work in different fields within the organization to push The Consulting Academy to the next level. You choose the area you’re most interested in and shape the future of The Consulting Academy! From being a trainee to being a member you can also take the responsibility to lead the board of management.

Another big part of being a member of The Consulting Academy is the fun part! We have informal gatherings and events to actually get to know each other and have a great time – we’re looking forward to you being a part of it! The more time and effort you invest, the more you will benefit!


Our Departments

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Corporate Relations Associate Johannesburg Corporate Relations August 8, 2018
Human Resources Associate Johannesburg Human Resources August 8, 2018
Information Technology Associate Johannesburg Information Technology August 8, 2018
Legal & Finance Associate Johannesburg Legal & Finance August 8, 2018
Marketing Associate Johannesburg Marketing Associate August 7, 2018
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