What is a student run consulting firm?


The Consulting Academy is a student-run organization that provides university students the opportunity to solve real-world business problems for clients. The academy produces world class consultants by engaging with the business world and solving the current world’s problems. It affords business early exposure to talent and competent consultants whilst increasing the competency of the students and stretching their business capabilities.



As the first student run consulting firm in Africa, the academy aims to construct a working blueprint for student run consulting firm. The mission is produce quality work for business, increase competency in different industry areas of while building the brand of the academy. We aim to develop a national footprint while we maintain a respectable and  reputable track record of the work we do.



The Consulting Academy has a vision of introducing a student run consulting firm to the South African business industry. The vision is to have experienced consultants upon graduation that have a strong and affirmed business acumen for industry. In addition to this the consulting academy aims to build and solidify a network base for business to tap into a sphere of fresh, young minds that bring a different yet effective perspectives to the business world.

We approach every problem with a fresh and young perspective.

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